One Last Time

Diego is currently in the thick of rehearsals for Stained Glass, a new play by Ingrid De Sanctis and directed by Patrick Pearson, Director of Artistic Programming at Ford's Theatre.

Diego is originating the role of James, a modern day Prince Charming struggling to keep up with the love of his life while she tears into the past, present, fantasy, and truth of a dark part of her family's past. Be sure to catch this world-premiere April 24th through April 29th at the Forbes Center for the Performing Arts. Click here for tickets!

Synopsis: Jewels, a preacher’s daughter, returns to New Jersey for her father’s funeral in the middle of a hurricane. But the treacherous storm has other plans, washing ashore skeletons, avocado trees, and an oddball cast of characters from Moses to the Little Mermaid. They join Jewels as she journeys through the ruins of past and present, fantasy and truth, looking to find the family she lost and the faith she thought she knew.